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Art Centre: December 8-12, 2008

Art Centre: December 8-12, 2008
Central Technical School Art Centre:
Year Two: Week Fifteen

Something Different!
This week, I was sick and so was my main computer. I attended no classes. And at home, when I did feel well enough to be at a computer, I was at my old Windows 98 machine which is somewhat limited to older (but beloved) programs and versions of software. It is not hooked up to my scanner or either of my printers (one laser for black and white, one colour). So my options regarding this blog are limited. If you follow this blog (and you know who you are) you have some interest either in me and my second wind explorations at art school or you are at the school and like it that I often throw in extra resources related to the projects we are doing there.

Today, (a full moon and the news tells me it is this year’s full moon closest to the earth) I will share what I have been up to this week.

This Week's Resources
I’ve gone through two books (available at the Toronto Public Library - ) - I can recommend. I’ve put the resources given in the books on web pages so you can easily go to the links of given artists or to resources found in the books.

Artists' Journals and Sketchbooks: Exploring and Creating Personal Pages - Lynne Perrella – Here are links to artists featured who have web pages and to resources:

Collage SourceBook: Exploring the Art and Techniques of Collage - Quarry Books 2005

I’ve begun compiling
my gallery page with some of the works I’ve completed since I began art school in 2007. Not all are here – with no scanner this week, there are some I’ll be adding once I’ve scanned in pictures of the pieces.

Artists I Know
I’ve discovered that two artists I know have self-published books on their artwork and this may be an option you’d like to consider one of these days. The publishing company, Blurb, is certainly worth investigating. It is a way to share, promote and market your artwork by selling a book they help you publish in hard or soft cover. It’s an amazing service and even if you aren’t ready to publish now, you can enjoy seeing who has done so and get examples of their work.

Blurb -

The first artist whose book I’ll recommend is
Bob Marchessault who has a long and prolific career as a painter. He typically works out of his studio near Barrie, Ontario where he lives with his wife who is also an artist.
Here is his web site –

On his web site under News, Bob has a link regarding his book ("Harvest of Light") and here also is a link to his wife’s web site -

The second painter is
Richard Tiberius, formerly a professor at the University of Toronto who now lives and paints in Florida. He’s a knife painter and what I like a lot about his book is that he shares stories behind each work. If you go to his web site,

Richard also has a link to the publisher, Blurb, and if you put his name in the search box at Blurb, that will take you to his book.

Nothing to do with the books but to do with another artist I know, is a site where I saved pictures of works by
Soozi Schlanger. I first met Soozi when I took a sculpting course at night at Central Tech several years ago. Soozi was a student at CTS and later assisted in the sculpture studio. These days, Soozi seems to spend much of her time making music, primarily with her group, Swamperella.

Here is a link to Soozi at Swamparella – and to the work I archived for Soozi on astralsite – these images were used in calendars but are reproductions of actual paintings she produced -

If you are a fellow student at the Art Centre and you want to start compiling your work in a digital archive like a web page, let me know if I can help. I keep space on my domain and am willing to host your page there if we can negotiate an exchange of some sort. For example, I created the site Chateau-Suisse to market the art work of former classmate,
Marie-Louise Rennicks.

And that’s my news for a week away from classes.

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