Friday, December 5, 2008

Art Centre: December 1-5, 2008

Central Technical School Art Centre:

Year Two: Week Fourteen

December 1 - 5, 2008

Monday: Ceramics Class

Submitted my proposal for the final project.

Submitted my “W” Book.

The class looked at and discussed all book and proposal submissions.

A short class session as there was a photographic slide show with a South African photographer for the rest of the morning. He showed pictures from the era of Apartheid and the releasing of Mandala in South Africa, from students he works with in New York City and from street people portraits. Here is a link to additional pictures from the South Africa during the era of Apartheid.

Tuesday Evening: Collage and Assemblage

Collage to explore the life cycle of a frog, my project for the narrative monotype for printmaking class.

Wednesday: Printmaking

Printed 12 prints from the three seashell plates. (plates shown last week)

Monotypes using gelatin video instructions and examples of prints:

My final project will be three narrative monoprints and I plan to try the gelatin process for printing.

Thursday: Sculpting Class

Continued building my fusion head using the maquette as the model.

Demonstration given for removing the plaster cast or waste mold from the head sculpture. Here are my notes:

Mold Making part 3 – Opening the Plaster Cast

Put the mold containing the sculpture in a tub of warm water. Mold walls should be clean all the way around.

Using a wide spatula and a mallet (to hit the spatula) start at the top corner ( not on top where the registration point is – avoid cutting into registration points around the mold as well). Give the spatula a sharp rap with the mallet. Begin to pour water over the crack to soften the clay within. You need the clay to loosen up and to break the suction.

Again, avoid the registration points and keep pouring water into the cracked mold. This can take time – don’t force it or you could break parts of the mold. The ribs on the outside of the mold can act as handles as you work to free up the armature. Use a wooden tool to carefully dig out the clay. Clean it out manually, eventually with a sponge until perfectly clean – you may want to use a paintbrush but be careful not to let the metal holding the bristles scratch the plaster as you work. The clay goes into reclaim.

Thursday: Photography Class

Made a contact sheet from the film developed in Phohtography studio on Wednesday. This is for Project #3 – Buildings. Friday: Computer Class.

I shot buildings in Mirvish Village including Honest Eds.

No Computer Class on Friday – PD Day.

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