Sunday, October 5, 2008

Art Centre: Sept. 29 - Oct. 3, 1008

Central Technical School Art Centre:
Year Two: Week Four
September 29-October 3, 2008

Monday: Ceramics Class

I was relieved to find that my bowl and another one I started had survived my being away. I was able to continue on with them – two of the four I’ll make for the project. Two go to the hungry event, one is mine to keep and one is insurance.

Tuesday Evening: Collage and Assemblage

Our first assignment: Black and White text collages. We could tear or cut text from magazines to arrange on a rectangular card. My first attempt was over done; I didn’t know when to stop. The second was pleasing to me. On the third one I tried adding black and white paint. The fourth creation was the boldest effort of all. Before class ended we chose one to display in a gallery along the window ledge. Also in class, we wrote why we were taking the course and the first thing that came to mind for me was a kind of “freedom” which I haven’t been feeling in my day classes. For the most part, we are given assignments with farily strict guidelines and in this class, the directions feel looser and more flexible.

Wednesday: Printmaking Class (and Advanced Printmaking Class)

Worked on my lino blocks for the three fountains series. And in my evening class, Advanced Printmaking, I was able to get some helpful feedback on the blocks from that teacher – this will be our third course together.

Thursday: Sculpting Class

We were introduced to a very helpful website chock-a-block with sculpted heads so we can see the various ways of working the clay.

We started putting clay on an armature to begin the head of a classmate. Our noses (after the model taken from the statue of David by Michelangelo) were ranked and I was please to see that mine was ranked in a group close to the best (mine was 6th) – none of course were perfect – all could be improved. My plasticine maquette was looked at and I was given guidance as to what modifications are needed.

Helpful anatomy of the head sites:

Thursday: Photography Class

I watched the Ansel Adams and the Richard Avedon videos this week. The contrast is excellent. Adams strolls through at a leisurely pace amidst magnificent scenery especially of Yosemite Park. Avedon’s work from the fashion world and from his concentration on portraits is a very active chronicle.

In class we shot our first roll of film, featuring patterns and textures. We also were given the procedures for unloading film in a black bag to prepare for chemicals. We practiced threading the film onto a spool without seeing what we are doing. I shot a 24 roll of black and white film(400ASA) using a telephoto lens but my Nikon was difficult to work with as it had a broken switch. I have since had it repaired.

Friday: Computer Class

In class there was a handout and an activity using layers in Photoshop. We were encouraged to go beyond what we have learned from the tutorial. It was suggested that we find images on the Web and use layers to create new images from our own imaginations.

The Week Overall
Yes, I was back at school and I also attended the first of the two evening classes– Collage and Assemblage and Advanced Printmaking. I have to pace myself as I’m still run somewhat low on energy as I continue to recover from the surgery.


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