Sunday, September 28, 2008

Art Centre: September 22-26, 1008

Central Technical School Art Centre:
Year Two: Week Four
September 22-26, 2008

Monday: Ceramics Class
The class is busy making bowls. This week I am away from classes as I recover from surgery. I was happy to learn that the number of bowls required is now only three – and I’ll get right on it as soon as I return. I don’t think my first attempt is worth keeping and the second one I started will be too dried up to continue.

Wednesday: Printmaking Class
For some reason my notes for printmaking class would not go on the blog last week except in all caps – I tried to remedy the situation a number of times and finally just left it as it turned out though I really don’t like all caps online – it’s that netiquette thing of it being like shouting. This week I missed the demo on monotypes – so I’ve looked it up and here are some links.
Wikipedia on monotypes -
What is a Monotype? - -
Monotype Lesson -

Also regarding last week’s demo on polyester litho – I found online resources.
Polyester Plate Lithography –

Thursday: Sculpting Class
Using a plastic modeling medium
I worked on a maquette for the fusion head project based on the Frink and Egyptian heads (see last week’s images). I also did sketches of the student whose head I will be modeling when I return to school.

Thursday: Photography Class
Thrilled as I was with the Stieglitz video last week, I ordered three more from the library: Ansel Adams, Henri Cartier-Bresson and Richard Avedon. I’ve already seen the one on Fran Liebowitz but may order it again. I began creating a resource collection for photography that will go on the Web.
In the class I missed, the teacher showed the parts of a typical 35 mm camera like the ones that will be used shooting black and white film.

Friday: Computer Class
I played around with the three photos I took of three of my teachers using Photoshop to alter the images with the goal of illustrating what they teach. Here’s what I’ve done so far.
In class there was a handout and an activity manipulating objects in Photoshop – I’ll have to catch up next week.

The Week Ahead
I hope to be back at school next week. I have two evening classes that will be starting as well – Collage and Assemblage as well as Advanced Printmaking. I don’t plan to attend many of the studio sessions this term as I have the evening classes. Also I hear that the afternoon studios have been reduced to about half of their previous length this term – it’s going to be difficult to get much done in the time now allotted.

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