Sunday, October 12, 2008

Art Centre: October 6-10, 2008

Central Technical School
Art Centre:Year Two:
Week Six October 6-10, 2008

Monday: Ceramics Class

I made my third bowl using a plastic bowl and cheesecloth to line it. I put in a coiled bottom and built the sides of short coils side by side all the way around. On Thursday in studio, I’ll build my fourth and final bowl using a slab over the outside of a cheesecloth covered plastic bowl. By the end of the week, I’ll have my four bowls with various colours of slip painted on three of them.

Tuesday Evening: Collage and Assemblage

Blues Take Flight

Our second assignment: colour collages. I brought along a collection of paper and ribbon and feathers. The teacher had a large collection of fabric and paper as well. I went with my first inspiration which was to use only blue in my collage and I first assembled everything that was blue, then narrowed it down to those that would serve the theme I chose, “Blues Take Flight”. I spent two hours with this project and was satisfied in the end.

Wednesday: Printmaking Class (and Advanced Printmaking Class)

Continued on with my lino blocks for the three fountains series. They are nearly ready for test printing.

In my evening class, Advanced Printmaking, I bought a new 6X6” zinc plate, covered it with hard ground and transferred the image of my actress friend, Sandi Ross to the plate for scratching. I completed scratching the first of the shell plates and it is ready to be inked and printed.

Thursday: Sculpting Class

We were introduced to a another website – this one has the sculptures of California sculptor, Robert Graham

Brooke Shields by Robert Graham

Links for Robert Graham:

We continue working with clay, building the head of a classmate. Our lips (after the model taken from the statue of David by Michelangelo) were ranked and I was in a group close to the least effective this time. Next our skulls will be ranked and because I worked only one (not two classes) on this, it may also join the lower echelons of student work.

Thursday: Photography Class

In class this week I was lucky to work with two partners who were very helpful. After our rolls of film were spooled and locked into the canister, we put the film through the various stages of processing. First came the developer, then the stop and next the fix and finally running water. The film was hung in a cabinet to dry and I imagine that next week, we will be developing these negatives.

Friday: Computer Class

In class there was our next handout and an activity painting a bouquet of lilies using layers in Photoshop. The tricky part of the exercise is that it was written when Photoshop was in Version 6 and we are working in CS2, a later version where the toolbar menus are not quite the same. This means a lot of hunting around to try to find what is called for in the lesson.

The Week Overall

I was working to my limits in the classes this week and as a result was quite tired each evening. I’m looking forward to having an extra day in the weekend (for Thanksgiving) and I’ve got two DVDs on photographers to view: Masters of Photography: Edward Steichen and W. Eugene Smith: Photography Made Difficult.

Here are Wikipedia’s sites on these two photographers:

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