Saturday, May 10, 2008

Week Thirty-Two: May 5-9, 2008

Art Centre - Week Thirty-Two

Week thirteen of semester two of year one - four days of classes

Monday Morning – Printmaking

There was one presentation – on Escher – very informative!

I continued with the etching of six little paper-mache cats. I continue experimenting with mixed media over the prints.

Monday Afternoon – Ceramics

In the studio – I continued using coils and began to construct the shell-like part that rests on top of the base. I prepared coils so I can continue to work on this as soon as I get to class. I’d like to have this completed and ready for the first firing next week.

Tuesday – Design

I submitted my gray-scale assignment and handed it in. Our regular teacher was away.

WednesdayDrawing Fundamentals

I handed in my portrait of a CTS teacher. In class we did a thirty minute contour drawing in ink of a large floral bouquet. Next, we used water colours to complete the drawing.


Thursday Painting

We have a new setup in painting class – this time it is fabric. I spent the time working on the preliminary sketch and blocking out the composition on my canvas.

Fabric of Vision: Dress and Drapery in Painting –

Discovering Art: Light in Painting (talks about light on fabric)


That’s it for this week. I began teaching my online graduate course “Holistic Approaches to Information Technology” at OISE/UT this week and getting the 24 students all up and working well took much of my energy this week.

Bonus: This week I attended a meeting at OISE where a former member of that group of colleagues was back to talk about his paintings. His name is Richard Tiberius and I find his work to be admirable. He paints with knives rather than brushes and he talks about his technique and his paintings in a captivating way on his website as well as in person.

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