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Week Thirty-One: April 28 - May 2, 2008

Art Centre - Week Thirty-One

Week twelve of semester two of year one - four days of classes

Monday Morning – Printmaking

There were two presentations – one on Guerrilla Girls and the other about a Japanese printmaker, Yoshitoshi.

I continued with the etching of six little paper-mache cats. I did three more prints using blue ink that I will use as I continue experimenting with mixed media over the prints.

Monday Afternoon – Ceramics

I spent the first part of the class in the kiln room with my four glazed stars. Due to the accidental breakage of two of the stars, I have a new creation for the second firing – the project is now called “A Self-Portrait: When Stars Collide”. I think it is a much finer piece than the organized conservative piece I originally planned and I am eager to see how it turns out.

Back in the studio – I continued using coils and completed the building of the base of my final piece. Next week I will construct the shell-like part that rests on top of the base. I prepared coils so I can start work on this as soon as I get to class.

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Tuesday – Design

We were shown examples of the principles of design and were assigned a project to show each of the principles: Movement, Repetition, Balance (Symmetry and Asymmetry), Contrast, Unity and Emphasis.

We also have to prepare a gray-scale made up of 9 cells going from light to dark. Time was also spent photocopying sections from a book on colour as we continue to gather resources for the final project in the course – creating a book on a chosen colour.

WednesdayDrawing Fundamentals

We were given a demonstration on drawing a three-quarter view of a person and E. worked on one of me. I took his photo and will work on the one of him at home.

In class I worked on a gouache rendering of the CTS teacher whose portrait I am to do for the exhibition at the end of the month.

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Thursday Painting

We all put our paintings of the horse skull on a broken step ladder on easels set up around the room. The teacher went from painting to painting, pointing out the pros and cons of the work, going into helpful detail to explain ideas about chroma and composition, brushwork and lighting and such. I was pleased when he talked about my piece as he felt it was quite successful. Even my reservations about the head room at the top of the canvas being too little were not a problem according to him. His praises were much appreciated and I spent the rest of the period working on the abstract painting again with much gusto.

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Here’s an abstract by my favourite Canadian artist (associated with the Group of Seven) Lionel Lemoine Fitzgerald – I have a long way to go from my first abstract painting to one as glorious as this one….

Lionel Lemoine FitzGerald
Early Morning, Autumn
13 x 16 1/4in 33 x 41.3cm
oil on board

Estimate: $4,000 - $5,000 CDN
Sold for: $8,050 CDN (premium included)
At Heffel's Fine Canadian Art Spring 2003 auction on May 15, 2003

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