Saturday, April 26, 2008

Week Thirty: April 21-26, 2008

Art Centre - Week Thirty

Week eleven of semester two of year one - four days of classes

Also - An exhibition opening and a fund raising event...

Monday Morning – Printmaking

I experimented with my plate – the etching of six little paper-mache cats. I did three prints and two of them took quite a while to do as I was using q-tips to apply ink in certain areas. None of the results thrilled me. I’ve decided it’s just too finicky with the very thick ink to get the results I’d like for monoprints – a varied edition with each print unlike the others. Although it is mixed-media to paint on a print, that’s what I plan to do now – it’s my final project in print-making so this is allowed.

Monday Afternoon – Ceramics

I spent the first part of the class in the kiln room putting glazes on my stars. The technician helped me every step of the way. Because I was using four stars (my original design was for three) I had eight dips to make. Looking at finished pieces, I planned which glaze to dip the whole star in and what glaze to dip one side into. This required stirring up several large barrels of glaze and working very carefully.

The teacher approved my latest design and I began using coils to build the base.

Tuesday – Design

I began on my drawing to reflect ways to create depth or perspective on a flat surface. (size, placement or position, overlapping, thickness of line, tone or value, detail, colour or intensity of colour). And the assignment is a picture in which we use as many of these techniques as possible.

I find all of the above elements in this picture.

Tuesday Evening – Opening of Printmaking Exhibition!

The exhibition, “Varied Edition” opened this evening in the Central Tech Library Gallery.

After welcoming introduction and acknowledgements for all of the work done to create the exhibition, students from each area spoke about print-making and what it entails from lino and wood cuts, to etchings and screen prints and lithography. There were many excellent examples of each around the gallery. I was pleased to have one of my etchings of E. at his easel, my linocut of tin angels and screen prints of my cat, PeepEye on display. The exhibition was very well set up and the reception was a pleasant event.

WednesdayDrawing Fundamentals

We worked on side views – profiles of our partners and I worked with E. again. Here is the one I did last week of his features facing me – and this week’s profile.

At home I continued work on the grid drawing of the portrait by Rubens. Here are links about grid drawing:

Thursday – Late Start Day for Staff Meeting

I went to school early to have two hours in the ceramics lab before painting class. I had prepared coils so I continued building my final project started on Monday.

Thursday Painting

The painting of the horse skull is done! I put on the final touches today. I was a bit cranky in class however as one of the students spilled turpentine and put the turpentine soaked paper towels in the garbage can near my easel. Things got better after he moved the can to the hall. We’ve been told since the beginning of school not to use turpentine, but to use a non-toxic cleaner – izosol but somehow that instruction escapes this guy. Here’s an online discussion on the subject of non-toxic, eco friendly paint thinners for oil paints.

Next week we start a new canvas out of doors if the weather is good. At some point, I need to get back to and complete my large abstract so I’ll be just as happy if we stay inside.

NOTE: April 26 – Saturday: I was happy to attend the Fourth Annual Bowl-a-thon and even happier that I was able to raise $200. Three of my classmates bowled to represent Year One of the Adult Program at the Art Centre.

After expenses a little over $8,000 was made for Toronto Cat Rescue – a great and noble cause!

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