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Week Twenty-Nine: April 14-18, 2008

Art Centre - Week Twenty-Nine

Week ten of semester two of year one - four days of classes

Monday Morning – Printmaking

I wasn’t in class this morning. I’ve submitted my etching project and will be starting on my final project next week. I plan to do another etching using a variety of printing techniques. My thanks to M. for giving me the lowdown on what went on in class.

ANYWAY there wasn't a presentation on Monday in printmaking Class…so the class carried on with making prints ...our teacher demonstrated how to use 3 screens to make a multicoloured screenprint...

Monday Afternoon – Ceramics

The teacher showed us how to throw on the wheel...E. has detailed notes...and I think the teacher would show you how if you ask...he's a great guy...

He was looking at our sketches...and after looking he felt he had to motivate us to go beyond our initial other words...some of us were off base when it came to the were right.

He didn't like my ideas...but he put me on track and by the end of class I had a workable the end of studio I had a template. I felt really good when he said to me I was on the right track with my design and concept

So the Long and the short of really missed time to work on your assignments

Everyone continued on with work on their cubist slab piece and/or their final project based on research on the human body. I made it just before the end of ceramics studio and I showed my sketches and model to the teacher. He liked the idea and gave me some suggestions on further elaboration of the design. He also suggested that I develop another idea I sketched earlier as I was working through various ideas for a design. I made further sketches based on these two suggestions to show to him next week.

Tuesday – Design

I painted the two strips of square cells going from light to dark and dark to light using the colour red.

We were given a handout on the ways to create depth or perspective on a flat surface.

  • size
  • placement or position
  • overlapping
  • thickness of line
  • tone or value
  • detail
  • colour or intensity of colour

We'll create a picture in which we use as many of these techniques as possible.

I continue to collect information and materials for my book on turquoise.

Here are a few helpful sites regarding making a book.

WednesdayDrawing Fundamentals

We received a handout on drawing faces and were taken through drawing ovals and sectioning them to have proper placement of facial features. We then worked with a partner drawing eyes, nose and mouth. E. did a wonderful job on me and I did a pretty fair one of him though I didn’t have time to complete the beard and moustache and hair.

E’s sketch of me

We received a handout on the school portrait project. Each of us chose a teacher at CTS to do a portrait on a 10X13 “board in any medium. Our portraits will be featured at the end of the year exhibition of student work. (Coming up in May)

Water Colour Special Session #3

Michael Janzen

In this session, we all brought fruit and other objects to contribute to a large still life that Michael arranged on colourful cloth drapes so that it looked interesting from wherever you were sitting. He demonstrated how to wet specific areas and use the wet on wet technique within those perimeters. This method gives flow but with more control.

Thursday Painting

More work on the following study of a horse’s skill on a broken step stool. I painted throughout the class and at then end began looking for ways to show more contrasts in all sections of the painting.

Watercolour Session #4

Maria Lopes, model

The focus for class today was on portrait. I was the only one in class who went for a full figure composition. Most did head only. Michael gave several demonstrations as we worked to show techniques, especially on working from light to dark and wet on wet. I entered the watercolour portrait done in the workshop today in a competition.


From last week's guest appearance of printmaker and painter David Blackwood...and an attentive art student

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