Friday, May 23, 2008

Week Thirty-Four: May 19-23, 2008

Art Centre - Week Thirty-Four

Week fourteen of semester two of year one - three days of classes

Monday – Victoria Day Holiday

Tuesday – Design

Printmaking tutorials

Finished the last of my mixed-media series of etchings – a varied edition: “Pretty Kitties” and I handed it in as my final project for Printmaking.

WednesdayDrawing Fundamentals

Getting ready for the art exhibition – we cleaned up the very messy classroom and decided what of our art work from this class to put up on a display board in the room. Each class will get as display board and a few pieces will go in the display cases in the hallway. I wrote up the class statement to go with our work.

Thursday Painting

Finished two canvases:

A small one of a pile of draped fabric,

A large abstract inspired (originally) by a cluster of dried gourds

The End is Near!

We had a get-together – a potluck BBQ. And a good time was had by all.

Art Exhibition next week!

Please plan to attend.

6-9 pm Opening Night Thursday May 29

10 am-4 pm Friday, May 30 and Noon – 4 pm on Saturday May 31 and there will be demonstrations in the studios. I have volunteered to do some screen printing in the printmaking studio.

Stuff about Art

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Two of our teachers:

Painting teacher - Lanny Shereck -

Sculpting teacher - Richard McNeill -

Central Tech Alumni Show 2007 -

Google Images:

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