Friday, May 30, 2008

Week Thirty-Five: May 26-30, 2008

Art Centre - Week Thirty-Five

Week fifteen of semester two of year one - classes prepare for exhibition

Monday – Printmaking

Artist’s Proof

Two of these “Pretty Kitties” etchings will be displayed and 5 of them, all different (mixed media – some watercolour, some gouache, some aquarelle) will be on sale in the shop.

This etching of the artist at his easel is my favourite printmaking project this year but it is not in the exhibition this week - it was shown in the printmaking exhibit.

Tin Angel block prints including my Artist’s Proof will be for sale. Here is the lino block.

And I will be demonstrating screen printing in the printmaking studio for four hours on the final day of the exhibition. I’ll be using the screens with images of PeepEye.

And if I have time, I’ll also do prints using my sea stars.


Of the four pieces I’ve done in ceramics only the first two have been completed (one is bisque fired and glazed, awaiting final firing and one is bisque fired and awaits glazing and the second firing.

These are the two pieces

Small pinch bowl and large coil bowl

Tuesday – Design

I handed in my Turquoise Portfolios:

Part One: The Power of Turquoise

Part Two: Turquoise Accents

Examples of my photos that illustrate the Turquoise project

WednesdayDrawing Fundamentals

A few of my pieces of work are on display in the classroom:

The grid drawing -

Portraits of Eric: side view and ¾ view

The watercolours:

From first semester, from Figure Drawing:

Thursday Painting

These are the three paintings put on display for the Exhibition:


We had two projects in sculpting class in the fall – one was this carving as seen from four angles:

My medallion as seen from two sides:

The Exhibition – I’ll be writing about the three day art centre exhibition for next week’s blog as there is still one day to go – one where I’ll be screen printing in the printmaking studio for the final four hours of the exhibition.

Be sure to read the blog next week to hear about the last minute portrait I did of the Vice Principal – and I’ll post that portrait in the blog as well as the portrait I did of a CTS teacher that is on display in the CTS faculty portrait gallery in the Art centre.

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