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Week Thirty-Six: June 2-6,2008

Art Centre - Week Thirty-Six

Week sixteen of semester two of year one

Monday and Tuesday – Printmaking and Design

More prints using my PeepEye screen print

More prints using my sea stars.

Ceramics – Monday class and Tues, Wednesday, Thursday extra time in studio before classes

Working on the final exam piece for ceramics – The assignment is to create a piece that is no more than 14 inches and no less than 8 inches in any direction and which is inspired by the concept of axis mundi – the tree of life.

I have been working on a canister that incorporates a design of an earth mother goddess (like Demeter). Her head is on the lid and is entwined with leaves, flowers, a star and the moon. The handle to the lid is made of twisted vines. Vines with leaves and flowers encircle the outside of the canister. I plan to paint these decorative raised elements with slip before the bisque firing.

WednesdayDrawing Fundamentals

Central Technical Faculty Portraits

My portrait of the teacher C. Mak was in the gallery. At the last minute (the day before the exhibition, the portrait of the VP of CTS had not arrived and I volunteered to create one. I found the VP, took photos of him with my digital camera and spend the evening doing the portrait in coloured pencils. Early the next morning I delivered the portrait. That evening at the opening of the exhibition, I found – not my drawing but one done in pencil – a good one but not mine. I was disappointed and protested. The next time I came to the art centre, I found that my portrait of the VP was hanging in placed of the pencil drawing. My name was not beside it however it was at least up!

In class we discussed the exhibition, and talked about the school in general. I was happy to learn what teachers have been assigned for the classes for year two. Afterwards, we did an activity called Exquisite Corpse (see

Each of us was given a large sheet of cartridge paper and we had a few minutes to start a drawing. The paper was then passed to the person on our left. Every few minutes, we had a new drawing to add to – the idea being to build on the images already present when the paper came to us. There was a short break just before the last few drawings to go to the lobby for refreshments to thank the volunteers who did a lot of work getting the school ready for the exhibition and doing demonstration, selling art work or snacks, giving tours.

Thursday Painting

The teacher did a critique of the fabric drapery paintings – our last assignment completed for painting this year. Mine was less than wonderful however there were a few sections of it where I was successful in getting a sense of the various fabrics in the composition. We were encouraged to continue to work on this kind of exercise.

For the rest of the class we were treated to an excellent slide show and lecture on paintings in the twentieth century. Slides were chosen at random and included work by Pablo Picasso, Robert Delaunay, Joseph Stella, Edvard Munch, Max Beckmann, and Gustav Klimt.

The Exhibition

The three days devoted to open house and exhibition from May 29-31 involved a huge amount of work on the part of the students and the staff at the Art Centre. Much of the organization fell to the third year students who also had a gallery show on Thursday the 5th of June at Gallery 1313 -

Several of us from year one attended the opening to show our support.

On opening night of our Art Centre exhibition, students came with friends and family and were treated to a few welcoming speeches congratulating one and all on the fine work assembled and delicious food was circulated by the culinary arts students at CTS. It was with pride that we toured the halls and investigated the works displayed in each studio on the three floors.

On the final day of the exhibition I spent the four hours in the printmaking studio doing screen printing and talking with the many visitors who came to see the work displayed for both design classes and printmaking classes.

I was especially pleased that three of my teachers chose some of my work to display. It’s a way for us to feel our efforts have been successful. I am especially encouraged in both drawing and painting as a result of having my work up for others to see. I recognize that it is only an indication of how I did with the assignments given and that it is only year one with a long way to go to feel in any way proficient with the media I am learning to use. I am inspired to continue to draw and paint (and to some extent sculpt and do printmaking) over the summer to practice these skills.

I feel close to my classmates and wish all were returning in the fall but that is not the case. I believe nine of the original eighteen will be back and it remains to be seen if we will be in the same class next year. Three groups will become two.

Next week is the last week we have class and then only two days of class and a day of interviews. We’ll be called in for a presentation and for an exam later in the month. I plan to post one more blog for Year One next week then will likely suspend regular activity, only posting for special occasions like the Nathan Phillips Outdoor Art Exhibit in July.

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