Monday, April 9, 2012

Regaining My "Second Wind"

In February of 2010, I underwent surgery for hip replacement. This was my final semester for the three-year art school program at the Art Centre ( here in Toronto. Though I was unable to attend classes I was able to complete my class projects at home, keeping in contact with my teachers and submitting various assignments. My independent project was completed in time for the graduating class exhibition in a gallery at 401 Richmond ( in the spring of 2010.

The project, is a book/portfolio in Greek and English called, "My Life in Greece" and it contains my photographs taken in Greece along with numerous prints created in my last year in the art program. Some prints were lino-cuts inspired by photographs of my Greek husband's family and others were etchings, some hand painted versions included, of images, also shown in my photographs of my life in Greece.

Since that time, I have continued to develop my skills in printmaking, taking evening courses throughout the year and a summer class, all at the Art Centre. I have established a studio in my apartment and have been working to build an online gallery for my work. Fifteen of my works done while attending the Art Centre can be found here, on my website

I continue to teach an online course at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education ( at the University of Toronto, "Holistic Approaches to Information Technology"(

Much of time these past two years has been spent concentrating on rehabilitation. I still use a cane when I'm out and about. I continue to visit a chiropractor, physiotherapist, two massage therapists, fitness and Tai Chi classes, and the MindBody Pain Clinic ( where I practice meditation and Chi Kung exercises. I am also working to Learn Serenity (

Slowly, but surely, I am regaining my "Second Wind"!

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