Sunday, February 14, 2010

Art Centre: January 2010

Central Technical School Art Centre:
Year Three: Weeks Sixteen - Eighteen
January 4 – 22, 2010

Art History - Weeks Sixteen – Eighteen
End Semester One

Conceptualism -

Joo Youn Peek

New Realism -

Chuck Close

Neo-Expressionism -

Keith Haring

Post Modernism -

William Wegman

Tuesday Week 15: Photography

Completion of the photographs related to sculpting class:
A series of models related to the abstract sculpture.
The urban and rural settings for the abstract sculpture.

Work on the self-portrait project using layers. Here is a rough draft of images to use in the creation of the project, “Big Fish: Going Below the Surface”

Wednesday Week 15: Sculpting

Completion of the social commentary sculpture – a constructivist project.
The image below is missing the final touch – yellow twine binding the folded cardboard in recycle box #2. If any of my neighbours see this piece, I hope they get the message regarding recycling boxes in our building!

Submitted the proposal for the body of work to be done in semester two.

Friday – Weeks 15: Printmaking

Printing and submission of the first two series of prints for the book on Greece:

Chapter One – Thanassi and his family.

Lithograph: Thanassi

Three lino block prints:

Mother in the kitchen

Mother and father in the garden

Mother at the market

Chapter Three – Later Years (Part 1: The Women)

Three dry-point prints on Plexiglas”



The rose

January 25 – 27: Exam period at the Art Centre.

Classes resume February 4 for Semester 2. However, I will be away from campus on medical leave (total hip replacement) and will not be posting a blog until I return though I do plan to be working in the rehab facility and at home.

Images not taken by me are found at

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