Friday, December 21, 2007

Week Sixteen December 21, 2007

Week Sixteen at the Art Centre.

This week has been a write-off as far as me and Art School are concerned. In addition to missing my classes last Thursday and Friday, this week, I have missed Monday, Tuesday, half of Thursday and there is no class on Friday. That’s it until we return January 7.

So what’s going on? The doctor found that in addition to my eyes having been infected, so were my throat, ears and sinuses. Who knew a virus could set off all this? In any event, dear readers – if there are any – I should now have modern medicine helping me to return to the land of the living and productive. I now have antibiotics and a puffer for the wheezing cough that continues to plague me.

Have I thought at all about art this week? Yes, I just haven’t done much about it. I have worked on my visual culture project for art history – due in January. I’m researching the controversial photography of Robert Mapplethorpe and have gathered several journal articles and a number of images that I will be using in my handout.

For sculpting I’ve mocked up a version of my medal display board – still a work in progress.

The chisel chasing, hammering out the bits and bobs that disrupt the medallion was started on Thursday and it’s hard to be convinced that I’ll be able to get all of the work on it done by the end of term. I seemed to be hammering endlessly today and hardly made a difference. I have not completed the sanding and put on the finishing sealer for my carving. The best thing that happened in sculpting class today was the presentation by C. – I thought he did a brilliant job of telling us about Earthworks. He seemed really relaxed and spoke very knowledgeably as if he were quite familiar with the topic. It’s so sad to learn that he is not planning to continue on in the program. I can understand why – he’s got many things on the go that he prefers to spend time with not the least of which are continuing art courses at the University – the next one on his favourite period, the renaissance.

In printmaking, I’ve assembled some images for screen printing and for creating an etching. Both screens and the etched plate will be printed in January. Apparently C. did a big no-no in class on Monday and cut screening fabric incorrectly, winning a big angry sermon from our teacher who typically is one of the most caring and supportive people in the building. Must be the strain of all of the functions she takes part in – like that trip to NYC – in addition to a big teaching load and lots to do at home as well. It’s amazing to me when I see how hard most of the teachers work – the long hours and the less than optimal conditions.

For painting class, I have selected a couple of photographs taken this fall for the group project exploring Mirvish Village. The three I’ll do thumbnails of are of a pumpkin in a chair, of rain soaked leaves in a pottery plant dish and there is one of mums with a few fallen leaves. I found a few recent photos of people I wouldn’t mind doing but I’ve heard from my classmates that our teacher doesn’t want us painting people.

What has sustained me during this dreadful week of missing classes (goodbye perfect attendance!) has been email and phone calls from my classmates, keeping me up to date with what has gone on at school. I’m very grateful. I missed them and it was good to be back (though I wasn’t really feeling all that fine) for sculpting class – to wish them all a happy holiday.

A good friend in BC has just sent me two wonderful links I’d like to share. The first one is definitely art related -

And the other one is a lot of fun and in the spirit of the holiday season. Cheers!

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