Friday, December 14, 2007

Week Fifteen =- December 14, 2007

Week Fifteen at the Art Centre.

Monday – Very quiet class with our substitute teacher looking on. We were down to seven with our regular teacher and quite a few of our classmates en route to New York City today. We chatted about this and that as we worked on designs both for screen printing and for etching. Two went over to Kinko’s to get their screen designs copied onto acetate.

Tuesday – Again, a small group of us finishing up our second canvas of the semester, with the teacher having us all turn our easels to the centre of the room near the end of class so he could give us some feedback on how we did on this project. A few were still not finished so these could only be given limited notes. Mine was one of the ones that was as far as it was being taken. I can see a little progress when I contrast it to the first one I did. The comments from the teacher were not especially enlightening but he did give me encouragement whenever he stopped by my canvas during the painting and what good I managed to do was due to his suggestions along the way.

Studio Tuesday – Chose not to go to studio – continued to clean my medal with vinegar at home. It needs a lot of hammering with chisels to be any good at all.

Wednesday – This was a day of medical appointments steadily from 8am to 4pm. It was a tough day with lots of tests and waiting as I fought off the feeling that I was coming down with the cough and cold that has been making the rounds at school.

Thursday and Art History class – my perfect attendance record is no longer! Really quite sick – lots of coughing and the respiratory system is extremely compromised. I’ve had to cancel the party I planned to go to after my classes today and I also cancelled all plans for the weekend – another party and brunch at the ROM’s new restaurant in the crystal. Snow today and there are predictions that we have a really big snow storm coming on the weekend. I sent the assignment that is due next week to my art history teacher and got positive feedback so all was not lost.

No Sculpting class either. I got a cheery ecard from one of my classmates who learned that I was sick. I also got an email from one of my friends in the class who is in New York City busy visiting museums and galleries. I’m eager for more details when they all return next week, our last week before the holidays.

Fridayfeeling fairly hideous and tonight had a little laugh when I got a call from Central Tech saying that I was absent from school today and needed to be in touch with the office about why. I left a message. Yes, I was absent – too busy sniffing and coughing to come to school. I’ll have to put together the submissions for my figure drawing portfolio next week. I have my manikin drawings done. And all the rest of what I need to submit is in my portfolio in the classroom.

What did I accomplish today related to school? I downloaded photos from my camera that will make subjects for either my etching or for the next painting. I’ll do a few sketches based on the printouts and decide which ones will make the best subjects for both projects. Now to work on my research for the last project I have in art history, not due until January. I’ve downloaded quite a few articles and images and am waiting for highlights of an exhibition from one of my classmates that I think will give another good perspective on the case study I am developing. My medal sits on the kitchen table waiting for me to take it to pound on in the studio. Between my illness and the major snowstorm on the way, getting to Kinko’s to get a transparency done for my screen print is unlikely until next week sometime.

I’m going to post the images I’m thinking of using for my next projects. A little something to jazz up this week’s blog.

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