Sunday, December 13, 2009

Art Centre - November 30 - December 11, 2009

Central Technical School Art Centre:
Year Three: Weeks Thirteen and Fourteen
November 30 – December 11, 2009

Art History - Week Thirteen

Rene Magritte. Carte Blanche

Rene Magritte -é_Magritte
Andre Breton -é_Breton

Art History - Week Fourteen

Visual Arts of the United States -

Mary Cassatt. The Bath

Mary Cassatt -

Robert Motherwell. Two Figures

Jackson Pollock -
Robert Motherwell -

Tuesday Week 13 and 14: Photography

Beauty Theme photos reviewed in class.
Also – a demonstration regarding the use of masks in Photoshop.

Masks tutorial -
Using Layer Masks CS4 -

Wednesday Weeks 13 & 14 Sculpting

Worked on enlarged model – abstract sculpture. Constructing my design for the social commentary constructivist sculpture – the next project.

Friday – weeks 9 & 10 Printmaking

Plexiglas series of Greek Men commenced. Layout plan for book. Photographs to be used both as inspiration for the 19 prints and as additional illustrations scanned and put into slides. Started etching for the Greek Cat series – the first one is based on the photo of a young cat in a flower pot taken in Monemvasia, a cliffside village on the Mani (Peloponnese).

Images not taken by me are found at

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