Sunday, November 15, 2009

Art Centre - November 2-13, 2009

Central Technical School Art Centre:
Year Three: Weeks Nine and Ten
November 2 - 13, 2009

Art History - Week Nine

Fauvist Art video 1 -
Fauvist Art video 2 -

Henri Matisse - Madame Matisse (The Green Line)Date: 1905
Matisse video -

Maurice Vlaminck – Picking Up Deadwood (1906)
Maurice Vlaminck -

Expressionism -

Franz Marc – Yellow Cow
Marc video -

Wassilly Kandinsky -

Art History - Week Ten

Class Field trip to McMichael Canadian Art Collection -

Pictured Above: Ningeokuluk Teevee, (b.1963)Cross Current, 2005lithograph56.4 x 66.8 cm Reproduced with the permission of Dorset Fine Arts

I visited the Cape Dorset exhibition - Nunannguaq: In the Likeness of the Earth while the class toured the Group of Seven (I attended that exhibit recently).

We all enjoyed meeting with the artist Ed Bartram to hear about his printmaking – he’s a former printmaking teacher at the Art Centre at Central Technical School.

One of the prints from Ed Bartram: The Eye Within exhibition
Pictured Above:Ed Bartram (b. 1938)O.S.A. Lake Killarney, 1998 mixed media printvariable edition, ed. 10 80 x 120 cmCollection of the Artist

Ed Bartram’s website -

Only one other living artist has been exhibited at the McMichael – also a CTS Art Centre teacher – Doris McCarthy -

Doris McCarthy: Medicine Lake, 2000, oil on canvas, 36" x 48"

Unrelated to the field trip or to the art history class – a good friend sent along the link to a video that features Vincent VanGogh paintings – there’s one typo near the end of the slide show but the overall effect is worth watching (4:44 minutes)

Tuesday Week 7: Photography

Beauty Theme explored and shot: Examples of topics - Autumn, Stones, Shells,
Angels, Leaf, Light through glass

Tuesday Week 8: Photography

Beauty Themes Film developed and Contact Sheets prepared, selected photos printed.
Below see three examples of selected photos:

Wednesday Weeks 7 & 8: Sculpting

Urban and Rural Settings for placement of abstract sculpture photographed.
The sculpture will be placed in these settings using Photoshop.
Model for sculpture and settings are shown below.

Friday – weeks 5 & 6 Printmaking

My Lithograph has been printed.
Final version of Greek in-laws in the garden linoblock is completed.
Greek Family series of three linoblocks are being test printed.
Plexiglas series of Greek Women series has been started – one is ready to test.
Zinc etching plates are being prepared for the Greek Cat series.

Images not taken by me are found at

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