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Art Centre - October 5-16, 2009

Central Technical School Art Centre:
Year Three: Weeks Five and 6
October 5-16, 2009

Monday Week 5: Art History (Week 6: Thanksgiving)

Neo-Impressionism -
Georges-Pierre Seurat -
Anna Boch -

Impressionism -
Claude Monet -
Pierre-Auguste Renoir -
Edgar Degas -
Berthe Morisot -
Mary Cassat -

Post Impressionism -
Paul Cezanne -ézanne
Vincent van Gogh -
Henri de Tolouse-Lautrec -

Tuesday Weeks 5 & 6: Photography

Shooting sculptures – 10 shots with 3 lenses and various f-stops – film or digital
Beauty Assignment – Black and White – shooting 35 mm film (continuing to clarify what shots I will be taking)
Shot the pictures of my sculpting models in the studio.

Wednesday Weeks 5 & 6: Sculpting

Constructivist Abstract Models according to formula – my formula is a flat isosceles triangle intersected at two points by a curved line. I created a photographic report to hand in and I exhibited my models.

Alas – missing in the instructions (at least for me and for a number of my classmates) was the constraint that not only did we have to use the formula (flat isosceles triangle intersected at two points by a curved line) BUT – the isosceles triangle and the curved line need to be exactly the same size and material in each model – so I went back to the hardware store for more supplies!
Meanwhile – here are the lovely models I created in the interim.

Models 1 and 2

Models 3 and 4

Model 5

Model 5 – another view

Model 6 – two views (Merry Christmas!)

Friday – Weeks 5 & 6 Printmaking

Lithography and Linoblocks

I revised the linoblocks for the first two prints in the Greek Family Series and have started the third one (based on the photograph shown above).

I’ve been etching my stone: a lithograph portrait of Thanassi. I completed the drawing on the stone today and the first chemical treatment was done by my teacher. Somehow some substance got splashed across the portrait and it was ruined and now has to be redone. I’m hoping I can somehow capture the charm and spirit of my favourite Greek once again.

I’m also preparing plexiglass plates for a future series in the Greek Storybook.

Images not taken by me are found at

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