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Art Centre - September 8 - 18, 2009

Central Technical School Art Centre:
Year Three: Weeks One and Two
September 8-18, 2009

Monday: Art History

The first week of school started on a Tuesday so we’ve only had one art history class these two weeks. We’ve been given an overview of the course and our main project will be to report on and present a work of art (preferably a painting) by a contemporary artist. My first impulse was to go with one of the Symbolists, Puvis de Chavannes ( or Odilon Redon ( Then I realized it was a great opportunity to study one of Georgia O’Keeffe’s works in depth. I’ve got a large print of one of her abstract paintings hanging at the foot of my bed.

I’ve also got three books about her and for years I’ve maintained a list of sites about her -

When I was applying for admission to the Art Centre program I created a little slide show with some of my favourite artists – so it makes sense that I would focus on one of those!

We viewed a slide show in class giving an overview of art from the 13th century to the current century.

Tuesday: Photography

It seems I’ll have an opportunity to focus on another favourite artist in this class – we’ll be selecting a contemporary photographer to profile and present and my first choice is Annie Leibovitz!
Annie Liebovitz Wikipedia – Corcoran Gallery Exhibition – Monarchy: Annie Liebowitz (2007) – PBS: American Masters Series –

In photography class, one of our first activities this year is to learn how to use the digital camera and interchangeable lens to understand wide angle and telephoto lens. We also will be using metering to get the best light resolutions in our images. Because we have been asked to find a sculpture with human scale (and shoot it with 8 different settings), I have been deciding where to go to shoot. Check this site – Toronto sculptures!

Wednesday: Sculpting

“Changing Form” Doris Chase, 1923-2008

In sculpting class we are concentrating on constructivism and abstract works. Our first task is to create five models and from these to select one that will become a larger scale assemblage. We are using foam-core and other bits and pieces to construct our models. 1 is all planes, 2 is with planes and a straight line 3 is planes and a curved line 4 is a curved plane with a straight line, 5 is a curved plane with a curved line. We’ll choose one of the models and make a series with this design. The models must be self-supporting with no base. All components need to be integral to the design – no parts are decorative.

In class we were treated to three carousels of slides of sculptures to identify works that fall into the category of contemporary non-objective totally abstract constructivist sculptures.

Modern Sculpture definitions -
Abstract Sculpture -

Friday – Printmaking

a lithograph

We have three projects for printmaking and the first for me is lithography ( so I’ve picked out a stone and I’m grinding it in preparation for my rendering. It is a long involved process and happily we are working in pairs to help each other through the experience. I plan to do a portrait of my favourite Greek on my stone.

For my other two projects, I plan to start on the five series of prints (three in a series) on the theme of life in Greece. Ultimately I want to combine all five into an illustrated book (in Greek and English) that will be published as one of my Photography projects using In Design. Three of the series will be done as my independent work this school year.

I’m a Hellenophile (a hellenophile - one who likes all things hellenic and treasures Hellas, which is what the Greeks call Greece.) – here is my Greek page -
Also I’m refreshing my knowledge of the language with a Greek course online at

I’ve also signed up for Advanced Printmaking one evening a week to have more time working on the printmaking projects I have planned. Here’s my schedule this fall…

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