Saturday, May 23, 2009

Art Centre - May 18-22, 2009

Art Centre: May 18-22, 2009
Central Technical School Art Centre:
Year Two: Week Thirty-two

Monday – Art History

We were shown a video on the life of J.M. W. Turner

J.M.W. Turner -

Raku firing outside in the school yard.

Wednesday Painting Class

Submitted collage – made up of these images:

Wednesday Photography Class

Dry mounting of photographs
Various mounting techniques -

Shooting 3d art work – notes and demonstration

How to photograph your art –

Thursday Sculpting Class

Presentation: Egyptian Sculpture

Classical Greek Sculpture -

Contemporary artists influenced by Greek sculpture

Aristide Maillol -

Elie Nadelman -

Paul Manship -

Arno Breker -

Robert Graham -

Friday Life Drawing Class

This was our last drawing class for the year. The next classes will be devoted to preparing the studio for the exhibition. Today we did 10 2-minute gesture drawings and one 40 minute study (in two 20 minute parts). Focus was on contour and diagonal hatching for tone.

(Images from

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