Sunday, April 26, 2009

Art Centre: April 20 - 24, 2009

Art Centre: April 20-24, 2009
Central Technical School Art Centre:
Year Two: Week Twenty-eight

Monday – Art History

The Power of Art series -
We watched the episode devoted to the neo-classical artist David with special focus on his painting of the Death of Marat.

Continued work on the Sculpture Garden Project.

Wednesday Painting Class

Continuing on with still life of paintbrushes, etc.

Wednesday Photography Class

Presentations on photographers – Photographers presented today:

Sebastian Salgado

Diane Arbus

Robert Frank
(part 1 of 3)
(part 2 of 3)
(part 3of 3)

Thursday Sculpting Class

Sculpture Drawings:

Presentation: Ancient Inuit Art
Font size

Artists with figurative sculptures reflecting the Inuit sculptures:

Henry Moore -

Alexander Archipenko

Pablo Picasso

Friday Life Drawing Class

recommended text

Drawing volume (constructive drawing) links:

constructive drawing -

(Images from

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