Saturday, February 14, 2009

Art Centre: February 9-13, 2009

Art Centre: February 9-13, 2009
Central Technical School Art Centre:
Year Two: Week Twenty

Tuesday – Art History/Drawing

We were shown a video on the Gothic period, “Light in the Darkness” part of a well-done series on art history – not sure of the name of the series. There was time after that to talk with the teacher (and classmates) about the numerous projects in progress.

Wednesday – Painting in the morning

I was impressed with the instruction and guidance given in the class this week. We were drawing simple shapes set up on a platform. We were shown how to place the easel, how to hold the charcoal or conte, and an effective way to move quickly from one object to another capturing spatial relationships.

Wednesday - Photography in the afternoon

After last week’s long session in the dark room, I didn’t feel inspired to get going on my dodging and burning assignment. I did get suggestions from the teacher as to which shots would likely work well and I was shown some excellent examples.

Thursday – Sculpting

No demonstrations this week allowed everyone time to work on their waste molds. I unwrapped both my classmate head and fusion head and placed them so that when dry, they can be broken up and the clay recycled. I worked on a very small head of my cat. I also had an opportunity to ask questions related to my research on Tribal North American West Coast sculptural art.

I’ve been spending a lot of time looking for 20th Century sculptors. In the process I have discovered a few sites that may be helpful to others working on their research.

PBS series on 72 featured American artists -
Wikipedia American Sculptors -
21st C. Briitish Sculptors -
9th and 20th C. European sculptors -
Masters of 20th Century Figure Sculpture -

Friday – PD day for teachers – no class

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