Friday, January 30, 2009

Art Centre: January 26-30, 2009

Art Centre: January 26-30, 2009
Central Technical School Art Centre:
Year Two: Week Eighteen

This week we had the last of the presentation/exams for the fall semester classes.
Our new term began on Friday the 30th (go figure) with Life Drawing class.

In the new term, we will have classes Tuesday through Friday as follows:
Here are some resources to get me thinking about the work to come…..

Tuesday – Art History/Drawing

Art History – Wikipedia -
Art History Resources -
Art History Movements -
Metropolitan Museum of Fine Art – Timeline -

Wednesday – Painting in the morning

Painting – Wikipedia -
Learn How to Paint -

Wednesday - Photography in the afternoon

Photography – Wikipedia -
Photography Lessons -

Thursday – Sculpting

Sculpture – Wikipedia -
Toronto Sculpture Garden -

Friday – Life Drawing

Figure Drawing – Wikipedia -
Life Drawing Tips and Lessons -

Today in class we were reminded of what few supplies we will need for this class- primarily lots of newprint and 2B conte crayons. We drew first one cardboard box then two cardboard boxes next to each other. The teacher circulated giving constructive criticism.

Studio Time – Ceramics

Although I am not the best at this subject, I am growing to like it better with my teacher’s encouragement. One of my students at OISE (this semester) has just sent me the link to her uncle’s work as a potter – look at his resume! He was at CTS 1970-73 and created his first pieces in Canada in the same studio we work in.

We are now halfway through the three year program here at Central Tech….Stay tuned for another exciting semester at the Art Centre…..

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