Sunday, January 18, 2009

Art Centre: January 12-16, 2009

Art Centre: January 12-16, 2009
Central Technical School Art Centre:
Year Two: Week Seventeen

Monday - Ceramics
My two diffusers (for my final project) went into the kiln for the bisque firing and I glazed them. The final firing won’t happen until next semester. Pictured below – one diffuser with oxide only, one with oxide, clear glaze and broken glass. The final firing will be done in February.

Wednesday - Printmaking

In class I printed four prints from a plate. This is a portrait of my long time friend, actress and social activist, Sandi Ross. We are both Americans who became Canadian citizens in the same ceremony some years ago when Americans could be dual citizens.

Thursday – Sculpting
I completed working on the large fusion head, based on the maquette you may have seen in an earlier blog. With the demonstrations regarding the plaster cast, there was very little time to work on it, but this is the last class and so it is done.

These are the notes so far regarding the waste mold to bring the process up to date. Previous notes can be found in earlier blogs. and photos of the demonstration are here:

Thursday – Photography
I missed the explanation for burning and dodging but copied the notes from the board and hope it will all make sense when I try the assignment. Last week we got notes for the contrast assignment – and that one looks to be a challenge as well. I intended to create contact sheets for the last two rolls of film I developed but that will have to wait until studio time next week.

Friday – Computers
The school was closed due to a massive power outage in Toronto.
I continued work on the power point slide show assignment for photography.
(Henri Cartier-Bresson)

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