Saturday, September 13, 2008

Art Centre September 5-12

Central Technical School Art Centre:

Year Two: Week Two

September 8-12, 2008

Monday: Ceramics Class


We had a demonstration of kneading clay using a ram’s head wedge, or a sea shell wedge and throwing slabs and shaping a bowl in a slump mold and a hump mold. We’ll be making a half dozen bowls for the Hungry bowls project – a fundraiser for the hungry. We will use coil, slab, molds and thrown techniques and will burnish, use slip decoration, sgraffito, springs and inlays. The lip and foot of the bowl will be functional concerns.

Wednesday: Printmaking Class

We had a demonstration of Relief screen printing, using a pin and tab system for the board and screens. It is a long and tine-consuming way of working that builds up many layers with a transparent base or acrylic gel medium that can be smudged and scratched and manipulated in various ways to create a single print.

The proposal for my three projects was approved. (for details see last week’s blog)

Sculpting Class

Slides shown of Rodin’s work plus heads by a variety of modern sculptors as well as ancient pieces. ontinued building a nose and began on building the lips

Narrowed down my search for contrasting heads (for the fusion head project) to the following two pairs.

Elizabeth Frink head and Toltec head


Marino Marini head and Ancient Egyptian head

Photography Class

We got our supplies. A box of photographic paper (I got matte), 5 rolls or black and white film, a hand towel, a log book. ($79)

Class was spent using a pin-hole camera and the dark room, processing the film. Assignment – one portrait, one photo showing foreground and background


My photographer research for the week – viewing Alfred Steiglitz – The Eloquent Eye – American Masters series video.

Computer Class

Photoshop (CS2) – explored the toolbar this week.

Just messing around and I created this little silliness…

And so it goes……

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