Saturday, February 23, 2008

Bonus Edition: Drawing Techniques & Shading

(Albrecht Dürer, Veronica, engraving 1513)

Examples regarding drawing with shading - especially: bar shading, cross hatching and stipple techniques:

Bar Shading Design Patents - Shading - Challenge: Draw a Bar of Soap -

Cross Hatching How to Draw Cross Hatching and Hatching -
Shading and Rendering:
Wikipedia: Hatching -

Wikipedia -
Stippling or Pointillism Demo -
Randy Glass Studio - Wall Street Journal portraits -
Nolin Novak Illustrations -

General Resources for Drawing Techniques
V. Ryan: Graphic Design - Drawing and Sketching - How to Shade with Colored Pencils -
Cornell University: Sketching techniques -
Life Sketch - Drawing with Shade -
Wikipedia: Drawing -

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