Monday, October 1, 2007

Week Four Sept 22-26 2007

Week Four at the Art Centre.

In Printmaking I continue working on colouring each of the three patterns and I cut my mat for mounting them. I always find it a bit nerve-wracking to cut mats. One of my first jobs in high school was working at Stanhope’s Art Supply on State Line Avenue. I was taught how to cut mats with an Exacto knife but I probably ruined as many as I succeeded with. Years later, I worked for a while in an Art Store in Victoria, B.C. – fairly conservative business – pictures of the queen to frame, etc. and there again, I was required to cut mats with nice straight beveled edges – not easy.

It’s a lot easier here in Dawn’s class – she has a special mat cutting board so it’s only a matter of pressing hard and starting and stopping where you should after measuring and marking carefully. And you have to remember to turn the mat in the correct direction so the bevel is right.

In Painting class, we had a little lecture on composition then spent time with – of course, composing. It was a fairly complicated setup with stairs, containers or various sorts, a sphere. And we were to do three thumbnails of it then choose one to create an abstract drawing. I was not very good at this and did quite a few thumbnails trying to get something abstract happening. The homework – more thumbnails (3) and an abstract from a still life arrangement. Bad girl – I haven’t gotten around to it yet.

In Art History class, we were to go to the library (or to the computers at the back of the room – naturally I chose the computer). The assignment was to find an example of architecture and present it to the class giving whatever research we did on the selected example. Immediately, the Dallas Theatre Centre came to mind as I had hoped last week’s documentary on Wright would speak about it (but didn’t). So I found some pictures of DTC and a limited amount of information about it. In searching to see what else FLW did around that time, I got information on the NYC Guggenheim and a Greek Orthodox Church of the same vintage – 1959. It turns out, DTC was actually designed in 1915 but other cities had been unable to raise the money to build it until Dallas – it cost a million dollars – a lot for that time. I chose Power Point to use to give my presentation and although Dustin looked a bit put out to have to hook up the laptop and projector – he did it and Maria who also worked at a computer, used it as well for projecting the images of her example. I came home and using the template for the handout (2-sided) for the project, worked into the night completing this.

In Sculpting Class, more about sculpting in the 20th century as Nancy and Amy presented on German Expressionism. Then I worked on creating my abstract maquette the same size as the plaster form we will carve. I wrapped it in two plastic bags in case I need to do a little modifying before I start my carving in plaster next week.

On Friday, in drawing class we were asked to show our homework – the two contour drawings so I was glad I’d taken the time to do mine. More contour today – agony for the arm! We had our first live model, an older bearded potbellied gentleman who likes heroic poses holding a staff. There were of course gestural drawings at first to get warmed up and these I do fairly well. It’s the physical pain that happens with contour that is frustrating – I start aching and have to rest frequently.

And so went another week – a number of the students are excited about Nuit Blanche all night long from Saturday 7pm to 7 am on Sunday but I know full well, my body just won’t be able to handle it. I’ve been reading about the planned exhibits and there’s sure to be a lot of energy and fun to be had in Toronto once again this year.

I’m really having to pace myself in order to get the teaching stuff done and still have some time and energy left for the art work. Next semester with no teaching I should be able to do a lot more in the homework department and in getting out and about to galleries and such once I’ve recovered from the surgery if it happens as planned during the Christmas break.

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